RPA – Automation Engine

Our RPA platform is the only truly enterprise platform for automating business processes and tasks. The platform focusses on achieving full automation while ensuring compliance with policies, rules and security standards.

Our application architecture is unique. At this time there is possibly no other platform in the market that provides the level of abstraction, security, extensibility and scalability that our platform provides.

RPA Platform Features

1. Enterprise features

A truly enterprise platform with features that align with large implementations.

2. Unified Task Management

Centralized task management provides total control over script deployment

3. Task Chaining

Executes tasks in sequence, chained or parallel.

4. Abstraction

Complete separation of task execution from end-users

5. Legacy support

Wide variety of clients including legacy mainframe and applet clients.

6. Secure

Provides encryption at all levels – Storage, transport and access.

7. Centralized Task Management

Complete control of task allocation and execution.

8. Reports

Fully customizable reports for all stakeholders

9. Cross-platform

The only automation engine that runs on Linux, Windows and Mac.

10. Auto-update

Easy maintenance with auto updates and deployment management module.

11. Scalable

Can support any number of client deployments.

12. Dashboard

Real-time updates on task status and other key metrics.

13. Extensibility

Built with standard technology platforms and supports almost any existing or new library or component

14. Standalone + Centralized

Has both standalone version as well as a completely centralized version

15. Package signing

Signed task packages eliminates threat of malicious script execution.

16. Developer friendly

Supports writing scripts in Java, python and c# depending on the functional needs.